Creative Sustainable Design

Design + Form = Joy

Great design doesn't happen by accident. It occurs when designers truly listen to their clients and create spaces that fulfill their needs.

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Unique Spaces + Functional Design = Dream Setting

Special buildings are the result of a designer listening to their client and respecting their needs. At Gemini Architectural Design we believe that great design is founded on positive communication.

Function + Art = Focal Point

Every room benefits from a focal point. In this case, artistic design marries function with art to create a flowing answer to a design need, such as a stairway to the second floor.

Planning your dream space

Whether you're building your first home or designing your family retreat, planning should be the cornerstone of every building project. We suggest that you begin with the building department in your county and compile information on your lot, including wetland delineations, set back requirements, as well as, water & sewer guidelines. You should also obtain a fee schedule for permits and utility hookups.

A picture is worth a thousand words..

You've heard it before and it still is true today, a picture is worth a thousand words. It is a simple fact that no two people view the world the same way, so pictures often save you time and money when designing your project. So start a file today and clip, snip or snap your ideas into a scrapbook for your designer.

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Built Green Checklist

Since Green Building became a household term in the nineties most builders have adopted sustainable practices and as such standardly incorporate healthy building practices into their company philosophy. At Gemini Architectural Design we believe that your home should reflect your values both as a structure and a habitat. Visit the Jefferson County Homebuilders Association at to learn more about the 2015 Built Green Checklist.

Healthy Interiors

You home is your castle, and it should promote well being as both a dwelling and an environment. We believe that healthy homes support a healthy lifestyle. We believe that good design incorporates healthy materials choices both now and in the future.